VPN in Africa | African IP VPN

Cybercrime is very common in AfricaBest Africa IP VPN and if you don’t want your credit card numbers to be stolen, you’d better think about protecting your Internet connection with a VPN. If you are in Africa, the best choice would be to connect to an African VPN.
Due to local Internet restrictions, some of the European or American VPN servers can become unreachable, so it is a good idea to have some local African VPN servers in your pack too. Moreover, some of the African countries block different VPN protocols, so the more types of VPN protocols included in your offer, the better.
The key features of having a VPN in Africa are:
• Internet censorship and filtering bypass
• Protection from eavesdropping and traffic interception
• Unblock restricted websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
• Access to VoIP and messaging such as Skype
• Keeping yourself anonymous on the Internet
• Safe browsing from any network and public Wi-Fi

You can find all VPN servers in Africa on our interactive map or use the list of the best African VPN providers below:

1) HideMyAss (www.hidemyass.com) ★★★★★
2) IPVanish (www.ipvanish.com) ★★★★★
3) IAPS Security Services (www.intl-alliance.com) ★★★★★