Best VPN for China | Fastest VPN for China | Best VPN to use from China

On this map you will find VPN for Chinathe best VPN servers for China which will help you to bypass Chinese Internet restrictions and censorship.
To successfully unblock Chinese firewall you will need to establish a VPN connection with any country. Therefore you can use any of the VPN servers from our best VPN servers map.
However there are two things that you will want to notice.
• First is variety of protocols. Sometimes China is trying to block VPN connection which leads to dysfunction of different VPN protocols. Usually it takes some time to VPN providers to bypass these restrictions and they advice their users to use another VPN protocol. Therefore the more VPN protocols you have the more chances you will have to bypass Chinese firewall.
• Second thing is the connection speed. If you want to have the fastest VPN for China you will probably need a VPN service with VPN servers situated near the Chinese border or in the big Asian cities with good Internet infrastructure such as VPN in Hong Kong, VPN in Singapore or VPN in Japan.

Below is our list of the best VPN providers for China:

1) IPVanish ( ★★★★★
2) HideMyAss ( ★★★★★
3) StrongVPN ( ) ★★★★★