China Internet Censorship Summary Report and Rating: 3,5 out of 5


Freedom House Report(2012):

• Web 2.0 blocked Check
• Notable political blocking Check
• Localized or nationwide ICT shut down Check
• Progovernement commentators manipulate online discussions Check
• New law /regulation increasing censorship or punishment passed Check
• New law /regulation increasing surveillance or restricting anonymity Check
• Blogger/ICT user arrested for political or social writings Check
• Blogger/ICT user physically attacked or killed (incl. in custody) Check
• Technical attacks against government critics Check
Obstacles to access: 18 out of 25 Check
Limits on content: 29 out of 35 Check
Violations of user rights: 38 out of 40 Check
Freedom on the net total: 85 out of 100 (Not Free) Check

Renesys Report(2012):

“If you have at least 10 internationally-connected service providers, but no more than 40, your risk of disconnection is fairly low. Given a determined effort, it’s plausible that the Internet could be shut down over a period of days or weeks, but it would be hard to implement and even harder to maintain that state of blackout. ”
Risk of Internet disconnection: Low Risk Check

OpenNET Report(2012):

Political Filtering: Pervasive filtering Check
Social Filtering: Substantial filtering Check
Conflict/Security Filtering: Pervasive filtering Check
Internet tools: Substantial filtering Check
Transparency: Low Check
Consistency: High Check

VPNMaps China Censorship Rating: 3,5 out of 5


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