VPN in Netherlands | Dutch IP VPN

The Netherlands is known forBest Netherlands IP VPN having unrestricted Internet and liberal copyright views. It doesn’t have any Internet censorship or filtering laws, making it very attractive for numerous VPN users.
With a VPN in the Netherlands, you too can enjoy the freedom of the Internet. Some of the Dutch VPN providers allow their users to use the NL VPN for p2p and file sharing. The increased attention to copyright claims by some European countries makes a VPN in the Netherlands a must-have server in your VPN pack. Most of the VPN providers don’t officially allow illegal file sharing, however, none of them is watching you and the worst-case scenario is that your VPN account will be suspended after receiving an abuse complaint from a copyright agency. None of the VPN providers will expose your personal information, because of high reputational risk, although you can be blacklisted from using their services.
A VPN in the Netherlands can also be used to:
• Liberate your Internet connection from any restrictions
• For safe P2P/File Sharing
• Access online gaming
• Protect your Internet connection from eavesdropping
• Provide a secure gateway to the European Internet

The best VPN providers in the Netherlands:

1) HideMyAss (www.hidemyass.com) ★★★★★
2) StrongVPN ( www.strongvpn.com ) ★★★★★
3) ibVPN (www.ibvpn.com) ★★★★★