VPN in North & Central America

About a third of all personal VPN serversBest North America IP VPN are situated in North America. This is mainly due to the increased interest in VPNs on the part of Internet users in the United States and Canada.
We’ve collected all VPN servers on the North American continent, the Caribbean and Central America, and placed them on our interactive map.
As you can see, most part of the VPN servers in North America are situated in the US or near the US borders. However, there are VPNs in some other countries, such as Canada and Panama. We are constantly adding new servers to this map, so you will get more North American VPNs in different locations soon.
VPN in North America can be used to:
• Unblock access to American or Canadian online TV
• Safe gambling and online poker from the US, using VPN servers near the US border
• Ensure secure file sharing and P2P
• Increase your Internet privacy and security
• Access websites reserved for US or Canadian residents only

Here are our TOP-3 VPN services in North America:

1) HideMyAss (www.hidemyass.com) ★★★★★
2) StrongVPN ( www.strongvpn.com ) ★★★★★
3) ibVPN (www.ibvpn.com) ★★★★★